5 Places to Kick Off a Great Career in Malaysia’s Food and Beverage Industry

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We know everyone needs to eat. Despite the fact that people’s spending on food changes with habits, trends, and economic conditions, Food and Beverage (F&B) workers are getting rehired, food producers continue to grow their businesses, breweries can barely keep up with demand, and many chain food restaurants are opening new branches, making the F&B industry hopeful.

Malaysia is an upper middle-income group country in Southeast Asia with an estimated gross domestic product (GDP) growth of 4.2% last year and projected to reach around 4.5% in 2017.

Based on data released last year by Statista, a German-based online statistics portal, revenue in the F&B industry in Malaysia could amount to 24 million USD this year. With an annual growth rate of more than 30 percent, the market volume in this industry is expected to reach 71 million USD by 2021.

With such promising facts and figures, getting F&B jobs in Malaysia is both emotionally and financially rewarding – at some point, you would feel that you have contributed to feeding the world and made a difference.

Whether you are a student or a professional hoping for a career change, you need to know where to find F&B jobs in Malaysia and start an exciting career path in this industry:

  1. Restaurants – There is a hierarchical brigade de cuisine system created a long time ago to describe many of the positions available in restaurant kitchens today. Some of the most important roles are: •  Executive chef – Someone who is responsible for managing the entire activities in the kitchen, from creating the menu, ordering supplies, overseeing staff, to reporting to owners.  •  Chef de cuisine – The head chef of a kitchen or restaurant; he or she will report to the executive chef.  •  Sous chef – The deputy chef of a kitchen, or second in command to the executive chef or chef de cuisine. He or she will execute orders from the executive chef and fill in the kitchen positions below his or hers whenever needed.   •  Expediter – The person who takes orders from customers or servers and announce them to each cooking station in the kitchen. This role is important to coordinate communications among the team and check the orders for accuracy. One might need foreign language skills in order to get hired.   •  Chef de partie – He or she is also known as a station chef or line cook, in charge of one part of the kitchen’s cooking, e.g. sauce maker, fish chef, roast chef, grill chef, pastry chef, and so on.  When you are starting out as an apprentice, you will get practical experience working under these experienced chefs and mainly do food preparation or clean-up jobs.Find F&B jobs in restaurant Malaysia to have a successful career
  2. Hotels – Culinary aspirants who spent several hundred-thousands of dollars to enroll in prestigious cooking schools would consider hotels and resorts as one of the easiest stepping stones of their careers. Your most valuable asset to compete with the other aspiring candidates is your knowledge of English. Other languages like French and Spanish can put a person high on the kitchen ladder, because he or she can be a translator for the head chef, and can easily be trained to fill in that position in the future.
  3. Bakeries – Whether you want to become a pastry chef, bread baker, or bakery manager, the F&B jobs in Malaysia offer plenty of unique opportunities. You can start as a prep baker, cake decorator, or an intern to brush up your baking skills. Keep up with trends and do a lot of practice until you can prepare all baked goods, ranging from bread and muffins to ciabatta, focaccia, cakes, and other specialized desserts.   With those skills, you can slowly move up to be a pastry chef in restaurants and hotels or, if the opportunity presents itself, open your own bakery shop.The F&B jobs in Malaysia offer plenty of unique opportunities especially in bakeries industry
  4. Online Delivery and Takeout Stores – With a trend toward eating food grown or produced closer to home, people become more conscious about what they eat and drink, thus giving an opportunity for entrepreneurs to start a niche F&B delivery site, e.g. organic catering, gluten-free products, etc. Nowadays, anyone can start their own F&B review blog, Facebook, or Instagram page and get tons of followers without any culinary education or experience at all. If you have a good photography skill, you can snap hundreds of mouthwatering food pictures and create a portfolio to apply as a marketing or social media manager at these companies.
  5. Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Companies – As a result of fierce competition within the industry, there are hundreds of F&B jobs in Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies – from chemical engineers, product and development, marketing managers, copywriters, and so on. Based on trends, Malaysians will increase their purchase of packaged food and drinks at supermarkets and hypermarkets, and therefore FMCG companies need to make their brands more appealing to consumers in terms of quality, labeling, packaging, and variety.There are hundreds of F&B jobs in Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies that you looking for

If you are interested in securing an F&B job in Malaysia, there is no harm in taking a coursework related to the desired position and ask for referrals from some friends who work in the F&B industry. Wherever you choose to start your F&B career, rest assured that the industry keeps on growing, and your hard work will not go to waste.