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A Look At The Skills Required For 4 Different Jobs To Include On Your Resume

Malaysia is fortunate to be experiencing economic growth currently. As a direct consequence, there are job openings created every day in Malaysia. It’s then a no wonder that major Malaysian cities attract more and more job seekers. Kuala Lumpur, Kuching, and Seremban are among those that offer employment opportunities.

If you are one of the seekers looking for job vacancies in Seremban,  then it is a good idea to get information about what different types of responsibilities various positions require. Knowing this will help you make sure you have the necessary skills before applying. Note this information is not about actual job postings with specific companies, but rather the types of skills needed for different kinds of jobs.

  1. Graphic/interior designer

When you decide to accept a position with a company as a graphic/interior designer, then you will be entrusted with the responsibility of designing flyers and brochures. If the company has a catalog, you will also be designing everything about and in the catalog. You will need the skills of good design, organization, proper disposition of elements, and excellent color coordination to match the type of campaign and products you are promoting.

  1. Medical product specialistIf you find an opening as a Medical Product Specialist, it's an opportunity in Seremban

As a medical product expert, you have to be familiar with various medical devices. Also, you will want to have good perception and top quality customer service. If you find an opening as a Medical Product Specialist, it’s an outstanding opportunity in pharmaceutical sales. Often such a company provides a high level of training and offers career progression.

  1. Storekeeper

If you desire to be a storekeeper, you will be an ideal candidate if you can manage the various types of outgoing and incoming stock inventory. You must make sure that the type and quantity are correctly recorded. All stock and parts of the inventory are to be properly accounted for and organized safely, along with being properly labeled.  You will need to have exceptional invoicing skills as well.

  1. Sea-freight sales and business development managerBe successful as sea-freight sales and business development manager in Seremban

To be successful as sea-freight sales and business development manager, you will need to formulate plans and incorporate marketing strategies about ocean freight business dealings. You will also be responsible for creating effective pricing strategy.  Additionally, you will need practical communication skills.

It is evident that these types of job positions are exciting. If you have the skills required to work in these posts, you will get an excellent opportunity to grow. Be sure to list any of these skills that you have on your resume to increase your chances of getting hired for the job vacancies you are interested in.

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4 Strategies to Taking The GMAT Prep Test in Singapore

Anyone looking to take GMAT preps in Singapore must understand the value of correctly answering early questions. The algorithm with which to test is scored factors in the difficulty of questions when weighing the results of the examination. Therefore having a strong start will benefit any person who is trying to insulate themselves against potential problems later in the test. Proper pacing is essential to success in this high pressure testing environment. A person must have the ability to identify questions which will be easy for them to handle based on subject matter. Handling all simple questions first is advisable to raise the confidence of the person taking the test.

There is a substantial penalty for not finishing all test questions. This is seen as more statistically damaging them missing certain questions earlier in the test. Practicing prior to the test they will help the person learn how to pace themselves accordingly. Answering the questions first in each section will usually help a person to gain the necessary confidence for more difficult questions. When a question arises that uses too much time it is better to skip that and come back to a near the end of the test. If a person is constantly concerned about how long they are handling each question they will actually create more anxiety within themselves thereby negatively affecting their results.

Many test preparation experts advise individuals to skip difficult questions during the early part of this test. This will allow them to answer the most questions possible before they start to become nervous about their inability to provide correct answers. Furthermore, the difficulty of questions is monitored within the algorithm of the machine which is storing the test. Therefore, it’s a question is exceptionally difficult, an incorrect answer will not be damaging to the extent one would think if there are other questions around which are answered properly. Using the ability to produce educated guesses is also an important strategy to consider when taking such a serious examination.

Using deductive reasoning is important when taking this type of examination. Eliminating the answers which do not seem plausible is the easiest way to reduce stress during the test taking process. Making notations of unlikely answers will help the test taker to narrow down their choices when they are forced to confront a question which leaves them unsure about the proper answer.

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3 Best MCAT Exams Tips According To The Experts

What is the MCAT? The Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) is a test designed to test the skills and knowledge of applicants looking to pursue the practice of medicine. Your best test scores can result from being thoroughly prepared for the MCAT exam. The test has three multiple-choice sections. Experts agree the following tips can help you get prepared.

1. Tip #1. Be fully aware of what you will face on the MCAT. Take an MCAT practice test. If you experience challenges, consider it a good experience in helping you understand what to expect from the real exam. Check online for an accredited and legitimate source that offer a free MCAT practice test. Use the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the tests format and content.

Have your stopwatch when test-practicing. There is an element of time pressure that you need to familiarize yourself with before taking the actual test. If your score is not what you expected, try not to be hard on yourself. The goal in taking the practice test is to prep for the real exam. Preparation better helps you better plan for success.

2. Do more than just memorize answers. When you sit down to take the MCAT, it is a demonstration that you are capable of assimilating new information and memorizing formulas. Thus, the people who designed the MCAT want to know if you understand the physical, chemical and biological information and processes the test will describe. Learn and understand the information well enough to teach it. Knowing the information well enough to teach it is your assurance that you have a firm grasp of the material.

3. Strengthen your weaknesses. It is human nature to want to appear to be smart. A number of students practice the MCAT and focus only on their strong areas, which is not a good strategy. The best strategy is to work on both your weak and strong areas, which helps you develop a strong plan.

Your life goals are worthy. Preparing for the MCAT takes you one step closer to realizing those goals.

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3 Ways to Learn English Fast!

English is a tricky language and one of the most challenging to learn. There are many rules in the English language that simply don’t make sense, and it can be daunting to keep up with all of the ins and outs of speaking English. There are, however, easy ways to learn English fast for beginners. By using a few tips, you will be a fluent English speaker quickly.


Immerse Yourself in English

It is not enough to simply practice for an hour a day if you want to learn the language. You have to be immersed in English, hearing conversations, learning vocabulary and having dialogue. One way to do this is to get an English speaking friend and simply chat with him every day. A conversation partner will make it easier for you to learn quickly and gain new vocabulary.


Watch Television and Read Books in English

Watching television in English is a good way to quickly learn the language. Children’s shows like Sesame Street are especially helpful because they introduce concepts like colors, numbers and vocabulary. Because it is geared toward children, the characters speak slowly and repeat key words and phrases. Watching television is an excellent way to learn new vocabulary and pick up more of the language quickly.

Watching the news in English can also help you to learn the language. News broadcasts often use graphics that display words on the screen that describe the photos and video. This can help you to learn new words and hear how the language is spoken. Children’s books can also make it easy to learn English, as they often use short words and phrases that are easy to learn and apply to your learning activities.


Take a Course Online

There are great online courses that offer training in English. These courses will teach you basic vocabulary, common phrases and teach you the basics of English conversation. You can learn English fast for beginners here with accelerated courses that help you to learn quickly. Use these lessons along with your conversation exercises to quickly learn English and improve on your fluency.

When it comes to learning English, the best method is to learn as much vocabulary as possible and keep practicing. Online and in-class courses will help you to develop a foundation for learning. Build on that foundation by getting a conversation partner, reading English books and watching television shows. Learning English is a challenge but there are ways that you can pick up the language quickly.

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Tips to Improve English for Non-Native English Speakers

English is one of the most prominent languages spoken around the world. Although just a few countries claim it as their national language, English is frequently used worldwide in business communications, media and consumer entertainment such as music and movies. If you are learning English as a second language and want to improve your speaking skills, here are a few things you can do to make your English pronunciation and understanding even better.


Taking Courses

One of the easiest ways to learn the more formal side of the English language is to take an English class or two. This can be an ESL course, or you can challenge yourself by taking other English courses meant for native speakers. An English course for international students in Malaysia can teach you the fundamentals of speaking, reading and writing in English. This is especially important for those who expect to be doing a significant amount of work in English during their careers.


English Matters




Spend Time with Native English Speakers

If you want to supplement the things that you have learned in class, you will also want to find an native English speaker to have conversations with. This can be an informal friend, a tutor or someone you can speak with through Skype or other online tools. The importance of talking to native speakers is that you can get a better idea of pronunciation and sentence structures that may differ from formal speaking classes or through written English texts. Native speakers can also provide you with an invaluable tool: learning the meaning and use of common slang.


Consume English-Speaking Media

If you are not ready to speak to a native English speaker or you simply want to have another learning option for when you are studying at home, consuming media that is in English can be a great way to help you learn phrasing, pronunciation and common slang. There are all types of media available, from music and movies to television shows. You can also find plenty of native English-speaking videos on websites across the Internet.

These are just a few tips that can help you get started speaking English like a pro. With continual work and effort, you will be able to clearly speak and understand this language in no time.


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Successful Meetings Start from The Meeting Room

A great first impression is important during a major business deal. You don’t want that first impression of a client or future business partner to be a meeting in a coffee shop. It lacks professionalism. Clients and potential business partners will take that first 20 seconds of a business meeting to make a judgments about you and your business. A successful meeting starts from the moment you shake the client’s hand.


Personal Impression

Make sure to dress appropriately in business attire. Even if your company is often casual, the first impression sets the tone for the entire meeting. You want the client to feel like you’re professional, competent and honest. A business suit conveys a business credibility, and the fact that you respect the time and value of the meeting.

Shake the client’s hand firmly and smile in a pleasant manner. Offer the clients refreshments. When you book a Servcorp meeting room, an assistant will be provided for any of your needs. He or she can make the client feel comfortable too.


Meeting Room

There are distinct advantages to booking a meeting room instead of meeting at the local coffee shop. There are boardrooms that can accommodate over a dozen people, or small conference rooms for more intimate meetings. These meeting rooms have access to high speed Internet as well as presentation equipment. If you’re presenting a proposal or business plan, it’s vital that you have state-of-the-art slide show projectors and computer capabilities.





Each meeting room should have comfortable, luxurious chairs and the ability to have conference calls with other parties. Teleconferencing equipment has to be top-notch because deals can be won or lost on the impression you make, and that includes the equipment that you choose. Shoddy equipment with slow connection speeds or spotty reception will frustrate clients and business partners. Frustrated clients will wonder if they want to continue to do business with you.


Renting Space

Renting a meeting room shows a commitment and desire to succeed. The clients don’t have to be deceived by the meeting room. It’s never a good idea to lie to clients. When you tell them you rented space especially for the meeting, it shows a dedication and willingness to do anything to get the job done. Any client or potential business partner will be impressed with that.

The best way to have a great start to a meeting is to rent meeting space that will be pleasing to clients and have the ability to handle any kind of business deals. Greet the clients with a firm handshake, a winning smile, and your best business attire.


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