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What You Should Be Looking For When Choosing a New Web Hosting Service

The web-hosting provider that you choose will affect your business, employees and customers for a long time. You need to find a provider that will be your partner as your company grows and expands. You should be looking for a few different things when choosing a web-hosting provider.



Variety of plan for you that depend on your company current needs.


A Variety of Plans

One of the first things to look for is a variety of plans. There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to hosting. Your business is unique and has unique hosting needs. You might need a dedicated server, a virtual server or both at any point. Your bandwidth and storage needs could change quickly. The changing needs of your company are why you need to look for a web hosting service that has a variety of plans. You can always change the plan to meet the current needs of your company.


High Uptime

The second thing to look for is high uptime. You do not want to pay for a server that is constantly crashing, going down for maintenance or malfunctioning. You need to use a powerful hosting provider like that has an uptime rating of close to 100 percent. A high uptime will save your business money while also ensuring your customers or employees can easily access the website online at any time.


web hosting services

Providing 24 hours service and ready to solve problem if occur.


Customer Service Availability

Customer service is important whenever you are starting a business relationship with a company. It is especially critical when it comes to web hosting services. You want to choose a provider that has easily accessible customer server and phone numbers you can all for technical or billing help. You also need a provider that will supply 24-hour customer service since there is no tell0ing exactly when a problem might occur.


Managed Service Options

Maintaining a full information technology department is not usually cost-effective or even practical in some areas. Limited talent pools could leave you without people experienced in network administration or database management. These potential issues are why you should choose a hosting provider that offers managed service options. Managed service means the provider takes care of the maintenance and operation of your servers. This can lower overhead and give you more flexibility.



Look for a web hosting that constantly change to follow up the technology is the key to success in your business.


Constant Innovations and Improvements

Something else to remember is that technology changes fast. Be sure to look for a web-hosting provider that is making constant improvements and innovations. You do not want to fall behind the curve because your provider is not staying current with network hardware and software. These improvements will ensure your business servers remain functional and relevant even as technology advances.


Environmental Responsibility

A final thing to look for is environmental responsibility. This is important in order to protect the planet and to keep your customers happy. An increasing number of consumers are looking for companies that exercise green practises. Choosing an environmentally responsible web hosting provider will benefit your business in the future.


How To Pick The Best Web Hosting Service

Your selection of web hosting provider is going to have an effect on the success of your business. You do not want to choose an unreliable or untested provider. If you look for these important elements, then you will be able to find the best hosting provider for your business.

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Reasons Why You Need Virtual Private Servers for Your Site

If you are running a small or medium-size business, then you are undoubtedly looking for ways to save money without giving up any quality in your operations. Perhaps one of the most important aspects of your marketing, operations and administration is the distribution of your online content through your web host.

There are many reasons that you can justify having a virtual private server as your main distribution hub. Here are some of the reasons that VPS hosting may be your best option.



Virtual private servers help you save a lot of cost and it is easy and convenient to use.


– First, the virtual private option is one of the most cost effective options for a business on a budget.

The virtual private server is one of the best options because you gain the leverage of a fixed, dedicated server without having to pay for all of the bandwidth. You do not have to deal with the security risks of having multiple data streams; however, you will not be on the hook for the bandwidth that you are not currently using.


– Second, the virtual private route allows you to increase your scale without having to change your infrastructure.

When your marketing finally kicks in, you will need a distribution program online that does not need to be modified in order to accommodate the additional web traffic that you will have accumulated. There is nothing worse than having to shut down your website for repairs exactly when your marketing begins to work. Your audience will also not appreciate it; many of them will simply go to a competitor never to return.

This can also create a great deal of problems with your sales as well. If you have to change your entire infrastructure to accommodate more web traffic, you may also have to change your sales cart or methods of payment. The subsequent confusion is the perfect time for a hacker to steal information from your customers. This is something that you can be held legally liable for.


The Benefits Of VPS Hosting For Your Business


– Third, a VPS gives you the ability to sell web space if you need it.

Many companies will actually sell the bandwidth that they are not using on a server to other companies. This can give your business another stream of income until it is entirely self-sufficient. You may also need to use the extra bandwidth for other URLs that you are buying for the protection of your own business. Many companies will purchase bulk URLs in order to keep competitors from taking them and sending customers into the ether. You need bandwidth for these URLs if you are going to use them in a way that is beneficial to your business.

There are many other reasons that you may want to go with a virtual private solution for your web distribution. However, the above three reasons are more than enough for any small or medium-sized business owner to consider a VPS.

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2 More Retail Store Security Options for Your Store

Protecting your retail store should always be a high priority for you. If your store is not well protected, you can expect to see a rise in thefts and potential violence within your place of business. To best prevent these instances, you will want to have a high level of security to protect your merchandise, your property and your employees.


Security Systems

When security is essential in keeping your business open, you will want to have a security system that fits your needs and has the ability to grow as your business grows. An integrated security guard system is a good place to start. Whether it is your choice to have actual security guards on your property or a virtual system of cameras and staff monitoring those feeds, knowing what is going on throughout the retail space will help you determine where theft is likely and how you can make changes to continue deterring thieves from trying to attack your store.

Although cameras should always be placed throughout the property, you will have to make decisions on how that footage is to be recorded and used. Some stores have live feeds and never make a recording, instead using a staff person to monitor it. Others have recorded feeds that get erased after a specific period of time. Your level of protection will determine how vulnerable you are to theft.


Retail Riskfactor Report



Keeping Your Employees on Track

In many cases of retail theft and deception, it is often not the customers that commit the crimes, but your own employees. There are a number of ways you can try to prevent employee theft, whether it is cash or actual merchandise. Security systems that include video feeds are the best way to do this, though you must refer to local and federal laws to determine where cameras can be place throughout your property.

Another way to keep your employees on track is through a staff attendance tracking system. While it many not directly affect the incidents of theft in your store, it can provide a sense of accountability to your employees. It can also be useful in the event of a robbery to know which employees are currently on the property so you can accurately inform the local authorities on the situation.


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Have You Considered Email Hosting Services? Here’s Why You Should

Are you tired of having to look at ads every time you open up your webmail program to read your email? Would you like to have the email address of your choice without a string of numbers after it because the one you wanted was already taken? If you answered yes to either or both of these questions, then you are not alone. But these are just two of many good reasons why using an email hosting service might be the right solution for you.

Okay, let’s back up for a moment and define our terms. What is email hosting? It is a premium service that uses its own servers to accept, forward, deliver and store your email. To get this kind of dedicated service you do have to pay a monthly fee, but it is well worth it for many users.
The second term you will need to know is domain name. A domain name is the second part of your email address that comes after the “@.” If you don’t already have a registered domain name for yourself or your business, you will need to get one. There are many online registrar services that can help you to find the right one for you.



Email Hosting Infographic


Once you have your domain name you are set to choose the email hosting service that works best for you. They can assign you your unique email address which tells your contacts who you are and what you do. For example, you might choose to call it, Besides the instant name recognition, you also get increased flexibility for you email needs. If you would ever need to switch to a different hosting service, you would be able to keep the exact same address. If you switched, your friends and clients would never even know it because you kept your same address.

Besides those already mentioned, there are even more advantages. First of all you will receive a higher level of customer support than you will find at any of the free webmail providers. Secondly, you will receive a higher level of security that includes spam filtering and virus protection. And finally, if you find that your online presence needs more than just your own specific email address and domain name, many hosting services provide the additional service of web hosting, allowing you or your business to have your own website.

So if you are tired of the headaches and inconveniences of using free web-based email, consider this premium email service. It may be the right choice for you.

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What is Electrochlorination?

Electrochlorination is the process by which salt water is made potable for human consumption. This process works by running an electric current through salt water to produce hypochlorite. This solution is what provides the chlorination to make the water potable. Desalination is also used to make water safe for human consumption, showering, and swimming. If you’re considering desalination, here’s what you need to know.


Why is Desalination Important?

People who have been exposed to water that’s full of sediment or water that has viruses know that they’ll get sick. That’s why experts recommend drinking bottled water in third world countries because of the viruses present and the high salt content. To avoid illness, such as dehydration and high blood pressure, saltwater is inserted into the water or electrolyzer cells to begin the process of electro-chlorination.

Before this process is begun, solid excess must be removed from the saltwater. The saltwater will run through a channel of decreasing thickness. On one side of the channel is a cathode, and on the other side is an anode. The electrolysis process will produce sodium hypochlorite, and this will produce potable water after the hydrogen is removed from the process.


Desalination Plant

Desalination Plant



Are Chemicals Recommended for the Process?

Brackish water or brine may be found in seawater and need to be removed. Chemicals will help with the brine or brackish water. The random chemicals will not threaten the system and can be removed at the end of the process. The low voltage DC current is what’s necessary to begin the process of electro-chlorination.

After the process, the water should contain between 0.7 percent and one percent chlorine. Any chlorine concentration below one percent is considered non-hazardous and is considered an effective disinfectant as long as the sodium hypochlorite is between the pH range of six and 7.5.

In the past, the technology was used to prevent health threats such as cholera, dysentery, and typhoid. This chlorination process was voted one of the “most significant public health advance[ments] of the millennium.” Many people need to consider this technology if they want their drinking water to be safe for consumption, personal hygiene, and recreation. Many people have used the process to fill their pools with water that’s safe.





How Electrochlorination is Useful

Electrochlorination is useful in a variety of places including shipyards, homes with hot water heaters, and in other locations where corrosion may occur. The technology is useful and is recommended in a variety of situations. If you want to find out more about electro-chlorination, more information can be found by searching online.

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Choose The Best Web Hosting Service With These Tips

The web host is going to be the backbone for any website on the Internet. One small outage and no one will be able to view the page. This, of course, can lead to frustrations, a loss of revenue or even worse – a visitor that may never come back.

This is why it’s so important that a website is backed by a solid web host. To find the perfect web host that can make a website owner sleep comfortably at night, here are things to look for:



Simple System

Let’s face it. Building a website and hosting it on the web is no easy task. For those who have little experience with the Internet and programming, it’s best to look for a web host that works in a simple way. This means they will have systems, such as cPanel, ispCP or ISPConfig, to make hosting a website a lot easier. These systems are extremely useful and can make website building so much easier. Try to avoid companies that create their own software packages. These packages tend to be bulky and loaded with software bugs.




There’s going to come a time when the website isn’t working or is having issues. Since waiting for a response via an email can be torture, it’s so important that the web hosting company has 24/7 phone support. That way, if a problem was to arise, a human could be there to help.



Watch the Numbers

Don’t be fooled by the numbers that most web hosting companies are going to throw out there. Don’t be impressed by bandwidth numbers, uptime stats, approval ratings and dirt cheap pricing. Why is this?

Even if they claim that a website will be up 99.9 percent of the time, there’s no contract that will bind them to that number. So if a website were to go down for a few hours, there’s nothing that a customer can do about it. To find the best web hosting deals, it’s best to get referrals and read real reviews from reputable people on the Internet. Don’t trust the numbers they throw out there.




The biggest mistake that most people make when looking for a web host is focusing on the pricing. With anything in life, pricing can be a concern, but it shouldn’t be number one. Cheaper web hosts tend to have outsourced support, low-grade equipment and minimal features.




The web hosting field is extremely competitive, and to stand above the rest, companies are willing to throw in unique features. These features and incentives can include free data backup sessions, free domain privacy or multiple data centers. While a lot of companies can offer similar pricing tiers, hardware and customer support, the unique features may be what ultimately sells the company.

Whether it’s this hosting company in Malaysia or another one across the globe, be sure to keep these valuable tips in mind. By doing so, an informed decision shouldn’t be that hard to make.

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