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2 More Retail Store Security Options for Your Store

Protecting your retail store should always be a high priority for you. If your store is not well protected, you can expect to see a rise in thefts and potential violence within your place of business. To best prevent these instances, you will want to have a high level of security to protect your merchandise, your property and your employees.


Security Systems

When security is essential in keeping your business open, you will want to have a security system that fits your needs and has the ability to grow as your business grows. An integrated security guard system is a good place to start. Whether it is your choice to have actual security guards on your property or a virtual system of cameras and staff monitoring those feeds, knowing what is going on throughout the retail space will help you determine where theft is likely and how you can make changes to continue deterring thieves from trying to attack your store.

Although cameras should always be placed throughout the property, you will have to make decisions on how that footage is to be recorded and used. Some stores have live feeds and never make a recording, instead using a staff person to monitor it. Others have recorded feeds that get erased after a specific period of time. Your level of protection will determine how vulnerable you are to theft.


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Keeping Your Employees on Track

In many cases of retail theft and deception, it is often not the customers that commit the crimes, but your own employees. There are a number of ways you can try to prevent employee theft, whether it is cash or actual merchandise. Security systems that include video feeds are the best way to do this, though you must refer to local and federal laws to determine where cameras can be place throughout your property.

Another way to keep your employees on track is through a staff attendance tracking system. While it many not directly affect the incidents of theft in your store, it can provide a sense of accountability to your employees. It can also be useful in the event of a robbery to know which employees are currently on the property so you can accurately inform the local authorities on the situation.


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