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Why You Should Always Carry Makeup Remover: Life-Saving Tips

Makeup remover comes in many forms nowadays. You can purchase makeup remover pads or “pens,” or you can always go with a trusty cream or liquid that can be applied with a cotton ball, cotton swab or piece of tissue.

Although you might keep makeup remover in your bathroom or at your vanity at home, it’s also handy to keep it in your purse or cosmetics bag at all times. These are a few reasons why you should always have it with you.


Always Use Make Up Remover Before You Go to Sleep

If you end up taking an impromptu trip or crashing at a loved one’s house, you shouldn’t sleep in your makeup. If you have makeup remover handy at all times, you’ll be ready for anything and can always make sure that you take your makeup off before you hit the sack. Then, you don’t have to worry about clogging and stretching your pores or otherwise damaging your skin.



Clean Up Smudges and Mistakes

Even if you use long-lasting cosmetics, there’s a chance that you end up with smudges and imperfections on an average day. Getting emotional, getting sweaty or ending up in the rain can all result in a disaster and can leave you with runny mascara and smudged eyeliner. Even wiping your eyes or blowing your nose can leave you with messy, smudgy makeup that will make it difficult for you to look put-together. If you have makeup remover on hand, however, so you can sneak off to the restroom to take care of any smudges or imperfections.


Plus, keeping makeup remover handy will also help you fix your mistakes when you’re touching up your makeup throughout the day. It’s easy to smudge mascara when reapplying it, for example, but it’s not as easy to wipe it off; this is especially true with waterproof formulas. With makeup remover, however, you can quickly fix your mistakes.


Freshening Up? Start Fresh

When you leave work to go out or otherwise want to touch up your look, you might hate reapplying your new makeup on top of the cosmetics that you have been wearing all day. If you have makeup remover on hand, however, you can quickly remove all of your old makeup and start fresh. This will help you look your best at any point during the night or day.



Wipe Up Messes

It can be easy to get makeup on the interior of your car, on the counter in the bathroom or just about anywhere else when you have it on your hands or accidentally spill it. You can quickly wipe away these messes with your makeup remover to help prevent stains.


As you can see, makeup remover is a handy thing to keep in your purse or makeup bag. Luckily, there are plenty of different options to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that is right for you. Just experiment with different brands until you find a makeup remover that is effective, gentle on your skin and eyes and easy to carry around and use.

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A Guide to Great Eyebrows

Many people spend a lot of time on their foundation and concealer, lip color, and eye makeup, but they neglect to focus on their eyebrows. In reality, eyebrows are a huge part of the way a face looks. Women who are beautiful tend to have beautiful arched eyebrows that are shaped with clean lines. To get your own beautiful eyebrows, read this guide and follow the instructions here.

The first thing to remember about shaping great eyebrows is not to over-pluck. Do not get carried away with tweezers or wax strips. So before you start shaping you brows, if you are a plucker, wait about two or three months and grow out the hairs in your eye brows. Do not touch any hairs you think are stray, because they might be important to your natural shape.


Eyebrows Celebrities
When your eyebrows are finally crazy and all over the place, that’s good! Now look for a natural shape. Some eyebrows go into a point midway through the brow length, other eyebrows go into a point about three fourths of the way to the end of the bow (starting in the middle of your face). Other eyebrows are naturally straight. Take a look at some celebrity photos of people with great eyebrows, and see if you can see any resemblance.

You’re now ready to start shaping. There are several ways to shape your eyebrows. First of all, you can use the plucking method with a pair of tweezers. You can also wax your own eyebrows or get them waxed at the salon. Finally, there is threading that can be done by a professional stylist who knows how to thread (an ancient Indian way of removing eyebrow strays and facial hair).


Eyebrows Tweezer

Eyebrows Tweezer




DIY Perfect Eyebrow Threading Tutorial : DIY Get Perfect Eyebrow Shape Using Threading


Whatever way you go about it, make sure not to take too many hairs out. Get a general shape, but remember that you can always go back and use either an eyebrow powder with brush or an eyebrow pencil to fill in any sparse areas. To keep up with your new eyebrow shape, make sure to pluck stray hairs around your natural arch and shape, but again, stop when you start to get carried away. Have your eyebrows re-waxed/shaped or do it yourself every few months.



Eyebrow Shaping


Remember, never neglect your eyebrows. They give definition and shape to your face, and they are very impactful on your expressions. You do not want to have eyebrows that are too thin and too high so that you look like you are constantly surprised, nor do you want to have thick bushy eyebrows that make you look angry all of the time. Follow the advice in this article, and find your own unique brow shape for your own beautiful look today. Also see how much do people for New York Skin Price.

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The Right Makeup Brushes For First Timers

If you want to apply your makeup perfectly, you have to use the right makeup brushes. Using sponge tip applicators or your fingers will not get the job done. Makeup brushes are amazing tools that will make your makeup look flawless. Here is a simple makeup brush guide that you should follow.

Small Eye shadow Brush 
It is time to get rid of that sponge tip applicator and use a small eye shadow brush to apply your eye shadow. This brush will apply your eye shadow so much more smoothly and evenly. Once you start using a small eye shadow brush, you will wonder why you ever used sponge tip applicators. Just go to your local beauty store and pick up a couple of eye shadow brushes.



Sephora Eyeshadow Brush

Sephora Eyeshadow Brush




Kabuki Brush 
A kabuki brush is big and fluffy and should be in every woman’s makeup bag. This brush is so versatile because it can be used to apply powder, bronzer and even blush.

Hello Kitty Kabuki Brush

Hello Kitty Kabuki Brush

How to Use a Kabuki Brush : Makeup Tool Guides



Foundation Stippling Brush 
If you love a full coverage foundation look, you will definitely want to purchase a foundation stippling brush. This brush will give you the best coverage in the world. The flat head will prevent any streaks, giving you the perfect application.



Eye shadow Blending Brush 
If you plan on wearing more than one eye shadow at a time, you need to buy an eye shadow blending brush. Sigma Beauty makes a fantastic one. An eye shadow blending brush will help you easily blend two or more eye shadow colors together, giving you a sultry eye look.

You can get Sigma Beauty Eyeshadow Blending Brush at

You can get Sigma Beauty Eyeshadow Blending Brush at



Eyeliner Brush 
Don’t forget to buy an eyeliner brush. After you apply your pencil eyeliner to your waterline, dip your eyeliner brush in black eye shadow and apply it directly to your waterline.

How to Choose the Right Eyeliner Brush!


These are all great makeup brushes that you should consider purchasing. They will cost you a little extra money, but they are completely worth it. If you use these cosmetic brushes to apply your makeup, you will look like a movie star.

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Makeup Brush 101: Types, Fibers and Costs

Many lovely ladies in today’s society know plenty about makeup and the products that they love. However, they are not quite as well-versed in the fine art of makeup brushes. What should women know when they are selecting new products from Sigma Beauty or another beauty store?

Different Brushes for Different Purposes 
Some women will purchase one brush and decide that it is going to be used for a vast array of purposes. However, these stores sell different brushes because each one really has its unique purpose. For example, some brushes are intended to put eyeshadow on the lid only while others work to ensure that the crease stays vibrant and full of color. A full set of brushes ensures more accurate makeup application.

The Fiber of Brushes 
Brushes are also going to be made out of different fibers and materials, so it’s important for women to go into beauty stores knowing to which materials they might be allergic. Remember, these brushes are used on the face, and they are generally used on a daily basis. Having an allergic reaction to the brush could certainly cause a series of issues, and this is especially true for super sensitive ladies.

Using The Brushes 
Yes, a major part of makeup brushes is knowing how to pick them out, but women also must know how to use these brushes properly. If they are being utilized in the incorrect manner, sometimes, it is better that they are not used at all! While still at the store, women should ask the sales representatives how they should be used. In fact, the people working there might actually do a free makeup trial for the women so that they are able to see what the brushes really can do and how they help with makeup application.

Here’s a great description of the types of brushes you should have to complete any makeup look


The Cost 
It’s no secret that some makeup brushes are quite expensive, but not everyone is able to afford these high prices. Therefore, it is important that women scour the sales but also that they print out coupons and such. When shopping for products online, it is usually very easy to score a deal, and ladies can expect some lovely new brushes to arrive in the mail quite soon.

Now, after reading through all of this information, women are a step closer to getting a set of these brushes that will help them to look the best at all times!

More info source: Luxola Makeup Brushes (5 Most Effective Cosmetics Anti Acne Products As Reviewed By Users)

Luxola Online Cosmetics Shop - Makeup Brushes

Luxola Online Cosmetics Shop – Makeup Brushes

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5 Beautiful Hair Accessories, Then and Now

Even the most beautiful, shiny and well-maintained hair cannot draw attention without hair accessories. If then, all you need is a good trim coupled with 100strokes on your hair every night, now it’s different. Your beautiful hair is more than just strokes and trims. It can be made even more beautiful by accessorizing it. And how are you going to do this? Simple! You just need to find a hair accessory that will fit perfectly with your kind of hairstyle.

Some of the best hair accessories have evolved overtime. But they are still the same accessories you’ve known for years, only that few modifications in terms of styles, trends and shapes took place. To give you a glimpse of these hair adornments, the following are some of the best and most common of accessories:

Headband: Who would have not known headbands? These are kinds of clothing worn around the head and are mainly use to hold the hair in place. They are deemed as predecessors of headdresses and ribbons that are also popular accessories today. Headbands can be practical and ornamental, and sometimes both. With the advent of the latest fashion these days, you can easily find different types of headbands made in different materials like plastic, toothed, wired, and fabric among others.

Hair clips: These small yet functional clips are one of the best hair accessories. They are handy and can easily be fixed onto ones hair. They also come in different styles such as the butterfly clip, banana clip, spring latch clip and many more. They can both be worn to set a new fashion trend or simply hold a certain volume of hair in place.

Hats: This has been one of the most common accessories that have never lost its popularity. Hats are used for different purposes. Some use this for safety reasons (which gave rise to helmets), for sporty events where caps are more commonly used and visors for protection. They can also be fashionable and can be worn as plain accessory. These hats can be bejeweled with laces, ribbons, feathers, and other essentials.

Hair ties: Just when you thought ponytails are boring, think again. Now, you can tie your hair up without it looking dull and plain and transforming it to a perfect style and flair. You can choose from many different types of hair ties from elastic, nylon to fabric ties. Some ties can be damaging to ones hair when pulled. So to avoid this, look for hair ties that says ‘no damage” in the package. These are usually ties covered with fabric to protect the hair from being pulled out from the roots.

Hair Braid: They appear like real braids and they can easily be worn like headbands. The very purpose of hair braids is to give the hair a different look. If you’re tired of the usual clips, ribbons and hats and you can’t seem to make real braids, hair braids can save the day. However, if you’re worried about the colors matching, there are hair braids that come in different shades to match your hair color.

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