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How to Get Yourself Ready Before Going In For a Chemical Peel


One of the most tested and proven ways to improve your complexion and eliminate blemishes is a professional peel done in a clinic. Although peels are relatively simple, you do need take steps to prepare before the appointment. Here is how to get yourself ready before going in for a peel.

taking-pillsTake Pills or Use Lotions As Instructed

The first step is to do exactly what the professionals at the clinic tell you. You might have to take antibiotic or antiviral pills to prevent infections. You might also be asked to apply various topical lotions or skin bleaching creams. You want to do this precisely the way you were told without exception. This will ensure the peel is as effective as possible.

things-to-stay-away-when-quitting-smokingStay Away from Cigarettes and Smoke

You need to stay away from cigarettes and smoke for at least a week before your appointment. Contaminants in the air can actually damage your skin cells. This will affect how the chemicals that are used in the treatment interact with your skin. If you do smoke, then try to stop. Do not spend time in rooms where others are smoking. You especially want to steer clear of even the smallest amount of cigarette smoke the day you need to arrive at the aesthetic clinic.

Laser-hair-removal-what-you-need-to-knowDo Not Undergo Hair Removal or Other Skin Treatments

You do not want to do anything to your skin that could alter the natural state of your cells before the treatment. This means you need to avoid undergoing hair removal, microdermabrasion and other skin treatments in the weeks before going to the clinic. This will allow the peeling skin to be removed evenly and naturally to improve your complexion and remove dark spots. If you do undergo other treatments first, then the peel might not go as expected leading to problems.

avoid-direct-sunStay Out Of the Sun or Use Strong Sunscreen

You are going to want to stay out of the sun as much as you can. If you do go out into the sun, then use a strong sunscreen at all times. You want the chemical peel to work as best it can. Damage from the sun could cause complications. It is important to understand that you will also need to avoid the sun after the peel is completed so that your skin can heal in an even and natural way.

chemical-peel-salicylic-acid-glycolic-acid-e1409220197601Potentially Find Someone to Take Your Home Afterwards

A few different types of peels can be done at a clinic. One of them is called a deep peel. This removes a good amount of the topmost layers of your skin. The person performing the treatment might provide you with a mild sedative in order to ease any discomfort during the process. If you are getting a deep peel, then you will want to prepare to have someone take you home afterwards since the sedatives will make you disoriented.

Preparing for your peel treatment is something that is very important. Making an effort to protect your skin in the week or two before the treatment can make a real difference in the results. Following these steps will help to ensure the peel gives you the results you want.


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Valentine’s Beauty Gift Guide for Ladies

Rather than simply giving another box of chocolates or flowers for Valentine’s Day, why not choose a gift that brings out the best in your lady friend? This year, give a beauty gift to highlight her inner and outer loveliness. Here are some refreshing ideas to get your creative gift-giving juices going for the best Valentine’s Day presents.

1. Skin care products – While anti-aging creams or acne treatments may not be a wise choice for Valentine’s Day, a well-packaged skin care gift set will be appreciated. Beforehand, take time to find out what skin type she has, such as normal-to-oily or normal-to-dry, so you can purchase the right set. In addition, many skin care sets come in delightful packaging that is simple to wrap in pretty paper or add a bow on top.



2. Spa and Facial treatments – Let your Valentine enjoy a luxurious spa or facial treatment in Singapore and she will be forever grateful! You can set up the spa appointment ahead of time and surprise her with a gift certificate along with a candle gift set. Even better, coordinate a limo ride to the spa and a romantic dinner afterwards.



3. Fun makeup gifts – Colorful makeup gifts are perfect to help your Valentine make it through the rest of winter’s dreary days. Choose an assortment of colorful nail polishes or fanciful lip glosses and wrap them together in a pretty basket. Another festive makeup gift can be a collection of pretty eye color shades for her to pick out her favorites or try something new!

Sephora Gifts Under $30


4. Fragrances – Perfumes and fragrances can be a little tricky if you are unsure about your Valentine’s favor scents. Your best bet is to choose a small, light-scented product or a sampler perfume set. If you do know what fragrance she prefers, look for a complete gift set such as a lotion, soap and body mist bundle hosting her favorite scent.



5. Lotions and bath products – Scented hand creams, luxurious bath salts and pretty soaps also make wonderful Valentine’s Day gifts. Basically, any gift that helps moisturize dry and cracked winter skin will be cherished. Complete this gift with her favorite music and some candles and she’ll enjoy some lavish and well-deserved bath time.



6. Other beauty gifts – Depending on how well you know your Valentine, more intimate beauty gifts can be well-received. For instance, warm fleece pajamas are fun for your sister, but a silk robe is better for your girlfriend or wife. Whatever you decide, remember that Valentine’s day is to make your special someone feel loved.

Valentine’s Day is a fantastic time to make your friends and family feel extra special. When you give a thoughtful beauty gift, your Valentine will remember her special day for a long time to come!

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Can Emulsions Be Used as a Face Serum Substitute?

Like anyone who is conscientious about taking care of their skin, you probably rely on face serums to keep your skin as glowing and youthful as possible. If you run out of your favorite serum, you may be wondering if it’s okay to use an emulsion instead. The short answer is yes–emulsions are suitable substitutes for serums. However, if you plan to do this for the long haul, it’s important to use the right type of emulsion. Otherwise, any benefits you may have been deriving from your serums may gradually fade away, and you may become less satisfied with your results.


Emulsions versus Serums

In many ways, a typical emulsion is very similar to a standard serum. The key difference is that the former tends to be more lightweight and less concentrated. What this means is it may not have as dramatic of an impact as a serum. Since serums are generally thicker and contain more concentrated ingredients, they tend to produce more noticeable results more quickly. Also, when using a serum, you don’t usually need as many layers in your skincare regimen. If you decide to use an emulsion instead, you should consider adding a layer or two of other products for optimal results.

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Demystifying Emulsion Skin Care

There’s a lot of confusion out there about emulsions, serums, oils and other skin care products. Not long ago, the differences between an emulsion and a serum were pretty pronounced. That line is beginning to blur, however, and it’s easier to find an emulsion that is thicker and more concentrated. For this reason, many people are dropping serums entirely and switching over to using emulsion skin care products. Indeed, by investing in a high-quality emulsion with highly concentrated active ingredients, you can get just as many benefits as you would from a serum–or even more.



Simplify Your Skin Care Regimen

You may initially switch to an emulsion after running out of your favorite serum. Like many people, though, you may discover that things are easier when you use an emulsion all the time. If you’d like to see for yourself, take a close look at the active ingredients in your favorite face serum. Next, look for an emulsion with similar ingredients. If possible, find one that has them in similar concentrations too. Since the typical emulsion is more lightweight than the standard serum, you are likely to agree that it’s nicer to use instead.



Try it Today

Amazing new emulsion products hit the market every day. Major advances have been made in this area, so it’s well worth it to reconsider your everyday use of serums, which tend to be thicker. In hot, humid weather, especially, an emulsion tends to look and feel a lot more natural. Besides, if you try an emulsion instead and are unhappy with the results, you can always go back to using your favorite serum. If you’re like most people, however, you’re likely to be thrilled with your results and could very well decide to stick with an emulsion for the long haul.

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Why You Should Always Carry Makeup Remover: Life-Saving Tips

Makeup remover comes in many forms nowadays. You can purchase makeup remover pads or “pens,” or you can always go with a trusty cream or liquid that can be applied with a cotton ball, cotton swab or piece of tissue.

Although you might keep makeup remover in your bathroom or at your vanity at home, it’s also handy to keep it in your purse or cosmetics bag at all times. These are a few reasons why you should always have it with you.


Always Use Make Up Remover Before You Go to Sleep

If you end up taking an impromptu trip or crashing at a loved one’s house, you shouldn’t sleep in your makeup. If you have makeup remover handy at all times, you’ll be ready for anything and can always make sure that you take your makeup off before you hit the sack. Then, you don’t have to worry about clogging and stretching your pores or otherwise damaging your skin.



Clean Up Smudges and Mistakes

Even if you use long-lasting cosmetics, there’s a chance that you end up with smudges and imperfections on an average day. Getting emotional, getting sweaty or ending up in the rain can all result in a disaster and can leave you with runny mascara and smudged eyeliner. Even wiping your eyes or blowing your nose can leave you with messy, smudgy makeup that will make it difficult for you to look put-together. If you have makeup remover on hand, however, so you can sneak off to the restroom to take care of any smudges or imperfections.


Plus, keeping makeup remover handy will also help you fix your mistakes when you’re touching up your makeup throughout the day. It’s easy to smudge mascara when reapplying it, for example, but it’s not as easy to wipe it off; this is especially true with waterproof formulas. With makeup remover, however, you can quickly fix your mistakes.


Freshening Up? Start Fresh

When you leave work to go out or otherwise want to touch up your look, you might hate reapplying your new makeup on top of the cosmetics that you have been wearing all day. If you have makeup remover on hand, however, you can quickly remove all of your old makeup and start fresh. This will help you look your best at any point during the night or day.



Wipe Up Messes

It can be easy to get makeup on the interior of your car, on the counter in the bathroom or just about anywhere else when you have it on your hands or accidentally spill it. You can quickly wipe away these messes with your makeup remover to help prevent stains.


As you can see, makeup remover is a handy thing to keep in your purse or makeup bag. Luckily, there are plenty of different options to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that is right for you. Just experiment with different brands until you find a makeup remover that is effective, gentle on your skin and eyes and easy to carry around and use.

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The Value of Night Cream in Your Skincare Routine

Caring For Your Skin In Your Sleep

good night cream is a vital component to any skincare regimen. Not only can these creams deliver intense moisture to your skin as you sleep, but they can also offer anti-aging benefits. They can help prevent sagging and wrinkling of the skin. They can even clarify the skin. Since your complexion soaks up vital nutrients during the night as your body is resting, there’s simply no better time to give your skin the tender loving care it deserves so much.




Choosing the Right Cream

If you want to find the perfect cream to manage your nighttime skincare needs, focus on your specific skincare type. If your complexion tends to be on the dehydrated and parched side, look for a cream that’s designed for people who have dry skin. Ceramides, linoleic and linolenic acids are ‘must-have’ components for fixing skin barriers. Other effective ingredients to watch for are dimethicone, mineral oil, petrolatum, glycerin and hyaluronic acid. Dimethicone, mineral oil and petrolatum can lock vital moisture into the skin. Glycerin and hyaluronic acid deliver hydration to the skin in the first place.


If your skin is oily, look for a cream that is rapidly absorbed by the skin. Lightweight nighttime formulas are also beneficial for people who have oily complexions. Try to find a cream that contains niacinamide. While niacinamide can be useful for helping keep skin hydrated, it doesn’t promote the manufacturing of extra sebum — a serious plus for shiny skin types.


You can also select a night cream based on your age group. If you’re a twenty-something youngster, go for a natural formula with honey or aloe vera. If you’re in your thirties, select a formula that consists of active ingredients such as retinol, ceramides and amino acids. If you’re 40 plus, look for a cream with soy extracts or peptides. If possible, try to purchase a cream that’s specifically designed for maturing skin when you’re in your 50s and 60s.


Proper Application

Proper application is key to success with these creams. Since your goal is to keep your complexion looking and feeling young, smooth and supple, make sure you put your cream on the right way. Gently massage the cream onto your complexion roughly 30 minutes prior to your bedtime every night. Do so after you cleanse your face. When you apply cream, use your fingers and be soft and gentle. Put it on your face in upward strokes. Upward strokes can be effective for stimulating collagen production of the skin, too. If you tug on your skin and rub it in a downward motion, you could risk encouraging unsightly sagging and drooping — the last things you want.


Regular Use

Dedication to your skincare regimen is key to success. If you invest in a night cream, make a point to use it every night of the year, no exceptions. If you’re lazy and regularly neglect applying your cream, you won’t be able to reap its benefits. With proper application and dedication, a good cream can help take years off of your face, however.



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10 Makeup and Skincare Tips for Aging Skin

Beauty doesn’t have an age limit. If you look at celebrity news, you’ll see beautiful and glamorous women of all ages and in all shapes, sizes and colours. But that doesn’t mean that the fifty-year-olds you see are using the same beauty regimens as the twenty-year-olds. Everyone’s makeup routine has to change as they get older. At every age, we face new beauty challenges. Teens are dealing with acne, twenty-somethings are trying to cover up uneven skin tone and remnant acne scars, and thirty-somethings are attempting to prevent wrinkles and age spots!

When you reach your forties, fifties and sixties, there are new challenges to deal with. Wrinkles and age spots are generally unavoidable by this time. In addition, you may be dealing with bags under your eyes, and let’s face it, it would be nice to brighten everything up a bit! Below, we have outlined 10 key tips for keeping your face looking fresh and beautiful as you age. Forget the makeup tips you used 10 or 20 years ago. Let’s start fresh with some go-to tips!

1. Keep up with wrinkle maintenance and prevention

You already have wrinkles because they are simply unavoidable. But don’t give up on prevention. You can stop more fine lines and creases from showing up by using a morning moisturizer with an SPF. Use a different moisturizer at night that contains alpha hydroxy acid or AHA. Dry skin that doesn’t have exposure to the sun will wrinkle fast, so moisturizer twice a day!


2. Cover up wrinkles that are already there

For wrinkles that are not going anywhere, there are ways to hide them, but it can be tricky. Avoid the temptation to slather on a ton of cakey makeup. This will settle in the creases and makeup wrinkles more pronounced. Instead, use light eye primers around the eyes and other silicon liners on the face to fill in the creases in a natural-looking way. Go over them with a very light foundation.


3. Take care of circles and bags under the eye

Concealer beneath the eyes should be different that concealer you use on the rest of your face. Choose a concealer that is specifically made for the eye area. It will be lighter in consistency with more moisture so that it won’t settle in creases and lines. In addition, make sure that the concealer is a lighter color than the rest of your face. This is so that it will brighten the blue or purple hues that tend to be created when we get bags under the eyes.

Finally, follow a weekly routine to help brighten the eye area. Cut two chilled cucumber slices, and place one over each eye. Lay with them on your eyes for about 15 minutes. Cucumbers help to replenish the skin and get rid of bags or check out these eye creams and eye masks for rejuvenation .


4. To brighten skin, use a highlighter

Applying an all-over lotion and foundation to the face is a start, but to brighten skin tone and make you look even more beautiful, a highlighter goes a long way. These usually come in a large, cream stick form, and you can sweep the stick over key areas of the face to brighten them up. Use highlighter on the cheek bones, brown bones, chin center and straight down the center of your nose.


5. Use subtle colors

Using bright colors on mature skin is not usually the way to go. Instead of looking fun and bold, bright blues and shocking pinks on the eyes or cheeks will draw attention where you probably don’t want it. This last tip is to use subtle colors like mauves, tans and beiges to highlight your eyes and face in a beautiful, natural way.

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