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Guide To Buying Quality Teak Furniture

Teak is a material that is used by boat-builders around the world. It is very dense, and it has a clear grain; these features give the wood beauty and strength. In addition, teak has high oil content, so it can handle the elements efficiently. Tables, benches, garden accessories, and living room furniture are made from teak wood. Manufacturers use teak instead of other wood because it lasts for numerous decades.

However, some teak wood is not great. A few stores offer teak furniture that is not high quality. Before you buy any teak furniture, ensure that the products are made by a reputable company, such as Reforest Teak.

Reforest Teak Uses Quality Wood 
Reforest Teak furniture is made from heartwood. Manufacturers use heartwood to build luxury yachts. Designers, however, make stools with standard teak from one tree so that they don’t waste wood. Reforest Teak uses wood that is weather-resistant and strong, but it has an open, marble grain.

difference-between-grade-a-teakHow To Choose The Proper Manufacturer 
There are also other manufacturers who produce teak furniture, but never purchase a piece of furniture because it is the cheapest option because you will not get the best value.

Grade A Is The Best 
The best teak wood will be labeled as grade A. Grade A materials are taken from a mature tree that has a dense core; this area is called the heartwood. The heartwood from an old tree has a thick layer of protective oil. The oil coating protects the wood from termites and water damage. See the best quality wood furniture made by Grade A teak.

Grade B materials are taken from an immature tree. The wood has less protective oils, and it is not very dense. Furniture pieces that are designed from grade B material are not horrible, but the wood will fade if the furniture is placed outdoors. Grade C is the lowest grade; it has a light, uneven color with wider grains.



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How to Protect Wood Furniture From Scratching During House Moves

Moving your furniture from one house to another can be a big job. Along with all the planning, you will also want to make sure that your items are protected. If you have wood furniture, it is extremely important to prepare that furniture for the move so that when you get furniture delivered to you at your new home, it will be in the same condition as it left the old one. Here are some tips for preparing your wood furniture for any type of move.


Remove the Extras

If your wood furniture has knobs, draw pulls, casters or removable finials, these are typically the first places where furniture can be damage during a move. If it is easy to remove these elements from your furniture pieces, you should do so. Remember to keep all screws, nails and other accessories in a secure place so you won’t lose it during the move.


Secure Drawers and Shelves

Pieces like shelves and drawers tend to move and slide around when furniture is being relocated. To avoid damage, drawers should be secured to the piece with twine. If shelves are removable from the piece, they should be removed and wrapped individually during transportation.


In Japan Moving is More of an Art


Padding Your Furniture Pieces

After everything is removed, you will want to completely wrap your wood furniture in a padded material. Some of the most common types of padding include blankets, furniture pads or other linen materials. For wood furniture, it is important that you avoid materials such as bubble wrap because this material does not allow the wood to breathe properly.


Avoid Stacking and Dragging

Even with properly padded and secured furniture, you can still end up with damage if you do not pack and move the furniture correctly. Wood furniture should never be scooted or dragged while moving. This can damage or cause legs to fall off. Also, it is important that once the furniture is inside a moving vehicle, boxes and bags are not stacked on top of it. The movement of travel can cause these items to damage the wood, even if it is properly covered.

Once these steps are taken to protect your wood furniture, you can move your household items safely from one home to another.




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Sprucing Up a Boring Coffee Table

The main focal point in most living rooms is usually the coffee table, aside from the ginormous flat screen television. Coffee table décor set the tone of the space. There is the classic don’t put your feet on the table look, and then there is the chill magazine-ridden kick back space. Whatever the style may be sometimes it can get a bit boring and needs a bit of sprucing up.

Decorating a coffee table in a formal living room is all about elegance and displaying nice pieces. Trays are marvelous to display décor items while keeping the table functional. Placing the tray in the center of the table and including items such as a nice vase with flowers, two candles on pillars, and a hardcover book or two stacked is simple yet chic.



Coffe Table Decor




Table runners that complement throw pillows and area rugs are a nice added touch to wooden coffee tables (Bonus tips: Best Type of Wood For Outdoor Furniture). A set of three tiered candles or a nice flat round bowl with decorative balls can accompany the table runner or standalone and still look great. Finishing the table with one or two well-kept trinkets that express ones hobbies and or interest are nice conversation pieces and gives a touch of personality to any design.


Coffee table decor


In a more relaxed environment where it would be okay to put your feet up décor is still important. A simple wooden tray with magazines fanned out and some candles is all that’s needed in this type of space. The beauty of the trays is to keep everything organized, so why not add the remotes and even coasters. Potted plants are a nice embellishment to add to a coffee table, it is minimal yet brightens the room.



Decor Coffee Table



A very popular trend is coffee table books, which are usually oversized hardcover books. Selecting a theme and color for the books is a nice simple display of décor. Complete the table with small canisters which can also double as storage.


Unique Coffee table

Sprucing up a coffee table is all about personal taste; however some simple guidelines still apply. Interchanging some of the décor pieces to coincide with the different seasons gives the room a cozy feel and breaks up the monotony of the display. When designing the table it is best to keep decorative items to a minimum and not over clutter the space, this makes the room feel organized and relaxed. See Ethnicraft 4 more coffee tables!



Coffee Table Flower Vase






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