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4 Smart Studying Tips for a Big Test

An big test can make or break your grade, so it’s smart to spend some time reviewing the most important material. However, you don’t want to waste your time. If you think that studying means re-reading your text book, you’re on the wrong track.


Assessment Books
Start with books that can assess your knowledge in a particular subject area. These books are particularly effective when it comes to subjects like math, science or history. Take the test in the book and make a note of the areas in which you scored poorly. Focus your study sessions on these areas, spending little time on your strongest knowledge areas.


StudyhackOutlines and Mind Maps
As you’re reviewing the trouble areas, jot down important notes and facts. Writing full sentences can waste time, so make use of the idea of outlines or mind maps. Unlike the traditional outline format, the mind map is perhaps more creative, allowing you to connect different thoughts with a single line. Short notes are easier to remember when you’re taking the test.


Get Help
You may find that you can’t do it alone. If you’re struggling with a particular concept, try asking your teacher for help explaining. Attend extra study sessions with other classmates. Some find it helpful to form a study group with friends who are in the same class. Just make sure that you’re actually studying when you meet, not hanging out.


Start Early
It more effective to study a little bit each day in the weeks leading up to the exam than it is to spend a few hours studying the night before. While you definitely want to reserve some time just before the test for a last-minute review, the bulk of your studying should be done before the big day. In fact, it’s most helpful to review your class notes every few days throughout the semester.

Having a big test looming over your head is definitely intimidating, but there’s no need to freak out. Go slow and make sure you cover all the information you need to cover.



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Paper Books vs eBooks: Consumer Statistics

Reading is used for educational purposes, of course, but also commonly used as a leisure activity. On a cold winter day or when you are getting ready to go to sleep, nothing beats curling up with a good book that draws your attention in.

Writing has been around since ancient civilizations, with most cultures writing on stones, cave walls, or even metal sheets. Clay or metal tablets were used for writing, and stacked together to read like a story. This idea lead to scrolls, a thick papyrus paper used to write long letters or stories. These methods were the early start of what we now have as books. The first book printed from a printing press, closest to what we have today printed on web presses, was brought to life in the early 19th century. Since then, the process has been updated, but the books remain with the same basic look of pages bound together.

There are an uncountable amount of books on the market, with stores in nearly every city either dedicated solely to books or with large book sections for every reader’s needs. With technology advances, however, tablets and e-readers are becoming more and more common. Are people buying text print books less in favor of buying books online?

With the e-book industry exploding and continually expanding rapidly it is no surprise that consumers are starting to read digital books more and more. Mystery, educational, fiction, non-fiction, sci-fi, romance, you name it and they have it on e-books. Are people reading more digital than hard print books, though?


ebook infographic

The numbers show that while e-book reading is on the rise, currently consumers still prefer the good old-fashioned print books for their reading pleasures.

2008 numbers say e-books only contributed to 1.5% of the total book market, but that online book sales rose 125% that year. In 2011 this number had grown to 15%, and to 20% in 2012. It is estimated that e-book sales will make up 38% of the total book market by the year of 2017.

These numbers show that consumers do enjoy digital books, and pushed by the technology behind e-readers, tablets, and apps on smart phones making it easier to read, the rise is going to continue. It also shows, however, that there is sill the majority of the market reading paper books, with 80% of 2012’s market coming from paper copy books.

It has been found, consistently, that women tend to read more books than men (also see How to Read Books Without Straining Your Eyes). 59% of print readers are women, over the 41% of men. E-books is no different, with 63% of the market readers being female. E-books are also, not surprisingly, more common amongst younger people, with 60% being under 45. This is not, however, that far of a jump from the 53% of paper book readers also being under 45. Over 60% of readers in both categories are shown to have received a college degree as well.

While e-books are on the rise, it doesn’t seem that paper books are going anywhere anytime soon.

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The 7 Types of Book Readers – Which Kind Are YOU?

Movies tend to give book-lovers a bad rap, stereotyping all of them as nerdy, socially awkward yet factually brilliant loners who wear overly-large glasses. While there are people like that out there who love to read, there are many different types of readers with their own personalities and quirks. Which type are you?




1. Speedy Reader

There are some people who can just devour a book quicker than a bag of potato chips, and you don’t understand how their eyeballs and fingers can realistically move that fast over the pages. But they do it, jumping from book to book and finishing each one to completion. How do they process it all? You don’t know, but their brain must be just as fast as the pages turning at warp speed.



Book Friends




2. Slow Digester

Taking each book a lot slower may be your style, with a steady and dedicated method that allows you to soak in the story and the characters. Whether it takes you two weeks or 3 years to finish the book you’re working on, you will get to the end of it, with every word and plot point having hit home with the steady impact that slow digesting allows. You may even be ready to write a long, analytical report on each book when you finish.


Book Hangover Quote




3. Multi-Tasker

Books, books, everywhere, and too many words to read! While some folks faithfully plod through one book without putting it down, others continually hop from story to story, from mystery to romance to fantasy. Maybe you prefer a different book for each part of your day; one by the coffee in the morning, one in your desk at work for break, one in your briefcase to read on the subway and a different one by your bedside to fall asleep to. Whatever your method, you will finish eventually, but it probably be 7 books at the same time.


Book Quotes




4. Emotional Reader

Crying, laughing, and screaming emphatically are regular accompaniments with your reading time. Whether you are yelling out insults in anger at a sudden plot twist, rolling on the floor from the sidekick’s snappy retorts, or sobbing bitterly at the death of your favorite character, you become emotionally connected to each book, character and storyline. You may need some tissues while reading next time.


Love Book




5. Obsessive Collector

Books are an investment. Whether you ever read them or not, you want them in your house, and you have multiple bookshelves to prove it. You can’t leave a bookstore without a new purchase in your hand. You rush to any garage sale that advertises books before anyone else gets there. While browsing the internet you spot a new release and quickly send it to your Kindle. No matter how much you read, you always buy more.






6. Library Hunter

Understand the value of a dollar and a book? Well, then the library may very well be your home away from home, a place for book lovers anywhere. Renting as many as you can get at a time (and read in two weeks) and devouring them before they have to be returned is one of your favorite past-times. You probably have several fines and are constantly renewing that one book you just haven’t finished yet.


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7. Distracted Reader

You always mean to finish that story you started reading a year ago! Friends recommend books to you, and you reply “oh yes that sounds great!” but somehow you lose it in a matter of days. Even though you love to read, something always comes up, and it’s just so hard for you to finish a story to the end. But you have the best of intentions. Who knows? Maybe the next one you start you really will finish. Or the one after that.


Books quote



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