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Types of Foams Used for Packing or Shipping

It is important that packing with the right materials for shipping are used to protect goods from destruction while traveling. Shipping is a very important industry, and it always has been. It is estimated that some form of shipping reaches ninety percent of the world.

A great number of shipping ports have been operating for centuries. As shipping is essential for the survival of many places, ensuring that the goods reach there in excellent condition is mandatory. The type of packaging material matters from item to item.

Polyurethane Foam 
Polyurethane (PU) foam is a popular packaging material. It is available in several varieties, densities and colors and can meet different packaging needs. PU foam is found as sprays or plastics and is part of the group of polymers. When PU foam A is mixed with B it swells up to 30 times its size and then hardens. It is a shock absorbent, lightweight, versatile option, which is used to ship lightweight items. Polyurethane is often sprayed into bags where it expands, then it is placed around to item to be shipped.



Polyethylene Foam Material 
Polyethylene foam serves many purposes. This foam is also known as beadboard or Styrofoam. However, Styrofoam is a trademark of the Dow Company; therefore, beadboard is more correct. It is not biodegradable. It can be used to reclaim ground in a landfill by becoming a stable filler.

Polystyrene Foam Material 
Polystyrene material is expanded polystyrene sheets (EPS). EPS and packing peanuts, which is a peanut shaped packing material, are both made from polystyrene. Packaging peanuts are often referred to as loose fill. It interlocks when it is compressed and is best suited for lightweight items. Additionally, packing peanuts are used to fill empty space in the shipping container but do not keep the item being shipped in place. They also generate static electricity, which makes them unsuitable for cushioning electronic equipment. They are lightweight, yet, rigid.

CLPG Malaysia 
As a manufacturer of packaging material, CLPG Packaging Industries is known for its corrugated boxes and foam sheets. CLPG designs several packing materials, including plastic containers. Plastic containers are made in different styles, shapes and materials. They can fit a variety of purposes and shipping needs.

There are many shipping materials and containers available. Each can be used for maximum protection within its design limitation. Shipping materials make items a lot safer in transit from place to place.

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