5 Strategies That Can Help You Land A Job In Human Resources

Getting a job in a company’s human resources department can be difficult considering the fact that hiring managers are usually very strict in sifting through applicants. Hiring managers often require additional qualifications because of the nature of the job. For instance, they may require that you have experience in a specific field like training, development, or management. This is just one of the unique aspects of applying for a human resources job. To improve your chances of landing that job, here are some practical strategies that you can follow:


1) Get experience wherever you can.

Hiring managers place a lot of importance on experience for the simple reason that you will be dealing with a lot of people within the company. Whether you are going to train new employees or look after existing workers, a hiring manager would prefer applicants who have performed these responsibilities in previous jobs. In short, you need to build your experience level before you start targeting bigger companies. Don’t be afraid to take low-paying jobs in lesser known companies. Not only will these jobs provide you with experience which you can jot down in your resume, they also serve as your training ground for more challenging jobs in the future.


2) Customize your resume so that it highlights what you can contribute to the company.

If there are a lot of applicants, a hiring manager would usually just scan through the resumes. If you submitted a generic resume, it will probably end up in the rejected stack. What you need to do is create a resume which reflects your skills that are most relevant to the job. For instance, if you are targeting a leadership position, you should highlight your experiences as a leader. If you’ve earned awards or attended leadership conferences, you should include these as well.


3) Reach out to companies.

There are many human resource jobs that are not publicly advertised by companies. A lot of these firms rely on word-of-mouth and recommendations to find new employees . In reaching out to these companies, you make the impression that you are truly interested in joining their workforce.


4) Try getting the services of a recruitment agency.

Sometimes, you can’t do all the dirty work on your own. In seeking the assistance of agencies, you take advantage of their connections to companies and businesses looking for HR personnel. The agency serves as the bridge that will connect you to potential employers.


5) Join human resource groups and organizations.

These groups include the Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management (MIHRM) and the Malaysia Human Resource Society. In essence, this is all about networking and interacting with people in the industry. In a lot of the events and conferences held by these organizations, you can usually find booths by various companies looking for new HR employees.

If you apply these tips, you significantly increase your chances of getting an interview or a follow-up assessment. Always keep in mind that getting a job in human resources may follow a different process. You might go through several interviews before you get hired. That said, you have to be persistent. Just because a company turned down your application the first time around doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t interested in your skills. Apply again if another opening comes up. In the meantime, keep on building your experience somewhere else, reach out to other companies, and don’t stop participating in events by HR organizations and groups.

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3 Guaranteed Tips to Help You Save Money When Online Grocery Shopping


Grocery shopping isn’t what it used to be. Grocery stores, which are always packed with people, have become significantly more stressful than they were in the past. This somehow makes shopping for everyday needs something of an Olympic sport. Between driving to the supermarket, filling up your cart, herding your kids through the aisles, and loading and unloading all those bags into and out of your car, you might find yourself cursing the process.

But now, thanks to modern technology. Grocery shopping can now be conveniently accomplished from the comfort of your home. However, as with any online shopping experience, overspending is a real possibility. That’s why here are three tips for you to help you save a pretty penny whenever you do online grocery shopping:pricematchheader

  1. Use Price Match Websites – Because there are a lot of websites that provide online grocery shopping opportunities, retailers find it necessary to compete with others in the industry to help snap up more consumers. It’s not uncommon to find your favorite household products being sold for less through other online grocery shops. To find the best deals, make a list of all your products and leverage price match websites. These directories offer complete lists of different products and their prices across popular online grocery shops to eliminate the need to visit every website.shop-and-earn-rebates
  2. Schedule Your Shopping – The day that you choose to buy your groceries can affect the price you pay for delivery fees. The common trend among grocery shopping websites is that they charge extra for deliveries on weekends and much lower during the middle of the week. Be sure to schedule your purchases when delivery rates are low to cut back on some of the costs.online-coupons1
  3. Make the Most of Coupons – Up front, a coupon might not seem like a big money saver. But if you’re able to use at least one on every product included in your purchase, you could save up to half of the entire cost. Coupons can be found through different sources like social media profiles for certain online grocery shops, newsletters, and applications. Collect as many as you can and apply multiple coupons for all your purchases to get bigger price reductions. For instance, if you plan to buy cooking oil online, using a 1 dollar off coupon plus a free delivery coupon could bring your grand total to a much lower number.

Grocery shopping doesn’t need to be troubling and tiring. Doing it all from the comfort of your home can be a convenient and easy alternative as long as you make the right money-saving choices. Make grocery shopping simple and affordable by taking note of these helpful tips the next time you find yourself online.

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Score Your Dream Job in Miri with these Tips


Miri is a bustling economy known mainly for its oil and gas industry, food processing, mixed lights industries, and port industries. With these many businesses, there is no wonder that there are many job vacancies in Miri. When the top companies in the city call on you for an interview, it is now up to you impress the interviewer. We give you some tips on how you can do just that.web-design-research

  1. Do your research. Come prepared and research about the company’s background and values. Most importantly research about the position you are applying for, you should know what the job entails. If you know someone from the company, ask for their advice and ask for their recommendations.6d87ea0a44d1d7552cce3f7351218b30
  2. Practice your answers. Search online for common interview questions and review your answers. Now that you know what the job is all about, you know what questions will be thrown your way. Another good thing to review is talking points. Know what it is in your resume or career you can highlight during the interview. When the interviewer asks for your weaknesses, answer honestly but make sure to have a reason why so.learning-how-to-dress-the-part1
  3. Dress the part. Apart from being on time and being polite, what you wear says much about you and creates this first impression. What you look like will create a lasting sentiment even before you begin the interview. Create a corporate look, remember first impressions last. Even if the company has a laid-back culture, it is best to don a suit or a blazer for the job interview.believe-in-yourself
  4. Be confident and believe in yourself. During the job interview, be upbeat and respond as truthfully as you can to the questions. This is like a sales pitch and you are selling yourself to the interviewer and employer. Remember that you have prepared answers, so go through this so that you would not ramble on. Smile, maintain eye contact, nod, and practice good body language all throughout the interview.questions1
  5. Ask smart questions. As the interview comes to a close, the interviewer will then ask if you have questions. This is your turn to clarify points that were unclear to you. Ask about what are the expectations they have and the pressing problems that the new hire would need to focus on. You may also ask about the culture and what it is the company would like for the new hire to do differently. Moreover, ask about the working hours, the health benefits, the insurance coverage, and other perks of the job.

An interview is just one step towards building a career that you deserve. Good luck on the job interviews that will come your way.

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4 Reasons Why Ipoh Is A Job Hunter Magnet



Asia has become one of the fastest-growing continents in the world. Specifically, one of its countries, Malaysia, has trailed not far behind its neighboring countries like Singapore in terms of economic success and stability.

Malaysia is home to about 29.72 million people in its various cities and provinces. Ipoh, for one, is the capital city of Perak, Malaysia. Dubbed as one of the largest cities in the country, Ipoh, is a fast growing city in terms of economy, tourism and education.


For young creative minds, especially those who just graduated from college, Ipoh is a promising ground for job hunting. There are a lot of jobs in Ipoh town since it’s a fairly large, economically growing location and there are a lot of investors who establish their businesses there.


Why does job hunters travel to Ipoh to test their luck in landing a decent ad good-paying job? Here are the reasons:


  1. Affordable Cost Of Living


Despite the fact the Ipoh is a booming city in Malaysia, next to Kuala Lumpur, the cost of living is quite affordable. In fact, an international survey has reiterated that Ipoh is one of the nine most affordable cities to retire in the world.

Meaning, it is also an affordable city to work in and live in from among the other cities in Asia.   This is because properties, accommodations, food, utilities and transportation costs are cheap in the city.

For aspiring employees in Ipoh city, the average monthly rent ranges from 536 MYR ($132.05) to about 1,461 MYR ($359.95), depending if you’ll choose to live in the city center or in farther locations.


  1. Lots Of Employment Opportunities


Ipoh has attracted many expats and westerners to live in the city. Hence, they have established many businesses in the city. With more establishment and businesses being built in the city, more job openings are offered to young and fresh graduates. That is why more and more individuals seek for Ipoh jobs.


  1. Economic Stability


Known as “The City Built on Tin”, Ipoh has emerged as a booming city. There are many westerners settling in the city and establishing their businesses there. Aside from that, because of its growing tourism industry is driven by its rich cultural history, the city’s economy has surged over the past few years.


  1. Laid Back Life


Located nearby Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh is a rather quiet city. It’s a perfect destination for people seeking permanent employment because of its rich cultural diversity. The laid back life in Ipoh, despite being a capital city, makes it a relaxing escape for people who wants to earn a living without much stress from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

Ipoh city is a very promising destination for young creative minds who are seeking greener pastures. Despite the fact that the job entails moving, the city is welcoming to its new constituents, especially those who will work for the city’s welfare and growth too.


The important thing is, the city offers not only stable jobs and economic stability but also, a promising laid back life with an affordable cost of living. This will make workers earn more to spend for their families. That being said, Ipoh is indeed a job hunter magnet and a perfect place to live in.

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How to Get Yourself Ready Before Going In For a Chemical Peel


One of the most tested and proven ways to improve your complexion and eliminate blemishes is a professional peel done in a clinic. Although peels are relatively simple, you do need take steps to prepare before the appointment. Here is how to get yourself ready before going in for a peel.

taking-pillsTake Pills or Use Lotions As Instructed

The first step is to do exactly what the professionals at the clinic tell you. You might have to take antibiotic or antiviral pills to prevent infections. You might also be asked to apply various topical lotions or skin bleaching creams. You want to do this precisely the way you were told without exception. This will ensure the peel is as effective as possible.

things-to-stay-away-when-quitting-smokingStay Away from Cigarettes and Smoke

You need to stay away from cigarettes and smoke for at least a week before your appointment. Contaminants in the air can actually damage your skin cells. This will affect how the chemicals that are used in the treatment interact with your skin. If you do smoke, then try to stop. Do not spend time in rooms where others are smoking. You especially want to steer clear of even the smallest amount of cigarette smoke the day you need to arrive at the aesthetic clinic.

Laser-hair-removal-what-you-need-to-knowDo Not Undergo Hair Removal or Other Skin Treatments

You do not want to do anything to your skin that could alter the natural state of your cells before the treatment. This means you need to avoid undergoing hair removal, microdermabrasion and other skin treatments in the weeks before going to the clinic. This will allow the peeling skin to be removed evenly and naturally to improve your complexion and remove dark spots. If you do undergo other treatments first, then the peel might not go as expected leading to problems.

avoid-direct-sunStay Out Of the Sun or Use Strong Sunscreen

You are going to want to stay out of the sun as much as you can. If you do go out into the sun, then use a strong sunscreen at all times. You want the chemical peel to work as best it can. Damage from the sun could cause complications. It is important to understand that you will also need to avoid the sun after the peel is completed so that your skin can heal in an even and natural way.

chemical-peel-salicylic-acid-glycolic-acid-e1409220197601Potentially Find Someone to Take Your Home Afterwards

A few different types of peels can be done at a clinic. One of them is called a deep peel. This removes a good amount of the topmost layers of your skin. The person performing the treatment might provide you with a mild sedative in order to ease any discomfort during the process. If you are getting a deep peel, then you will want to prepare to have someone take you home afterwards since the sedatives will make you disoriented.

Preparing for your peel treatment is something that is very important. Making an effort to protect your skin in the week or two before the treatment can make a real difference in the results. Following these steps will help to ensure the peel gives you the results you want.


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Renting Property in Singapore

Renting a Flat in Singapore

Singapore is a vibrant city state that’s full of life and vitality. If you’re planning on living in the Asian metropolis for a while, it can be very intelligent to look into your rental options. Renting property in Singapore can be convenient for people who simply don’t want to deal with the commitment of purchasing. It can also be ideal for people who are uncertain of how long they’ll be in Singapore. If you only plan on being in Singapore for a few months or years, then renting is certainly a smart choice for you.


Renting Condos in Singapore

Renting condos in Singapore is generally straightforward. If you haven’t a clue where to start in finding a condominium to rent in Singapore, then you should seek the trusted counsel of an experienced real estate agent. If you discuss your budget, location preferences, time frame and desired amenities with your agent, he or she should be able to tell you about many options that are appropriate for you. Recruiting the assistance of a knowledgeable real estate professional who has significant insight into Singapore’s big real estate market can often save a lot of valuable time for people.



HDB Rental Flat Options in Singapore

HDB (Housing and Development Board) refers to Singapore’s public housing. HDB flats are leasehold units. They are intended to provide people in Singapore with lodging options that are budget-friendly. If you’re considering getting an HDB rental flat, you can use the Internet to your advantage. Some Singapore property websites give users the opportunity to solely browse all available HDB apartments, to be specific. If you want to rent an HDB apartment, you can enter your neighbourhood preferences when you conduct your search. Examples of estates that have HDB apartments include Choa Chu Kang, Ang Mo Kio, Bukit Timah, Lim Chu Kang, Jurong East, Marine Parade and Geylang.


Marine Parade


HDB Flat Specifics

If you have a lot of highly specific requirements for your future HDB flat, real estate websites in Singapore can often help you with those, as well. If you want to find an HDB flat that costs no more than a certain amount of money each month, you don’t have to look through flats that are more expensive. If you want to find an HDB flat that has a minimum of a certain number of bedrooms, you don’t have to look through flats that are too small for your preferences. When you perform a search for HDB flats online, you can look through listings that are equipped with multiple photographs of available apartments. You can read about the apartments’ specific locations, streets included. These listings typically indicate whether or not monthly rent is negotiable or if it’s just a guide price. They also typically mention any noteworthy features that may be available. Examples of these types of features are air conditioning units, bomb shelters, water heaters, balconies and washing machines. Some apartments are even equipped with television, refrigerators and utensils for dining purposes.



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