Combating Hair Loss: Your First Steps

Our society, as it has for centuries upon centuries, places an enormous emphasis on the quality of a person’s hair. A healthy head of hair is influential in the judgments others make about us, in how positively we are perceived, and consequentially, how positively we view ourselves. It’s no surprise that, for many, the battle against hair loss is an ongoing struggle. Modern science has yet to procure a legitimate cure for age-related balding, try as the beauty industry might to fund such a medicine. Fortunately, however, there are preventative measures in the meantime.


Seek a Professional Opinion

The first step to addressing hair loss is to consult with a doctor. You may assume that your hair loss is a result of age, but hair loss is a much more complex occurrence than our media portrays. A number of various factors can contribute to a thinning hairline. For example, an excess of vitamin A is known to lead to loss of hair. Stress, anaemia, hormonal imbalances, chronic conditions, and dietary habits all can potentially play a role in hair loss. Obtaining a professional diagnosis, then, is crucial to determining the most effective treatment.


Pattern baldness in particular is a phenomenon for which there is no finalized solution. Luckily, there are methods for stalling the progression of hair loss, as well as products which promote healthy hair growth.


Medical Solutions

Over-the-counter ointments such as minoxidil and prescription medications such as finasteride slow down production of the hormone responsible for shrinking hair follicles. These medicines must be continually used in order to sustain results, but they have significant prestige when it comes to making hair loss a more manageable adversary.


For more extreme cases of hair loss, a hair transplant is an additional—albeit costly—option. This procedure most usually entails relocating hair from the back of the head to an area of the scalp where hair is balding. Combined sometimes with prescription drugs to facilitate growth, hair growth is typically restored within the next year.


Natural Solutions

Others who explore how to get thicker hair turn to natural remedies, like vitamin supplements and medicinal oils. Nutrition is a complicated network of cause and effect—but vitamins for hair growth typically include iron, vitamin D, zinc, and B-complex vitamins. Incorporating more sources of these nutrients into your diet is thought to support healthy follicles and replenish the growth of thick, luxurious hair.

Those passionate for natural solutions tend to highly praise castor oil for hair growth and excellent skin care. Castor oil is efficient in not only promoting hair growth, but also in eliminating split ends and acting as a natural conditioner.


For those who are genetically predisposed to pattern baldness, hair loss may be an inevitability. It’s important to keep in mind, even as you find solutions best suited to your preferences and lifestyle, that the condition of our hair does not determine our worth as human beings. Maintaining a healthy self-esteem is as important a measure to be taken as any of the above options.


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Valentine’s Beauty Gift Guide for Ladies

Rather than simply giving another box of chocolates or flowers for Valentine’s Day, why not choose a gift that brings out the best in your lady friend? This year, give a beauty gift to highlight her inner and outer loveliness. Here are some refreshing ideas to get your creative gift-giving juices going for the best Valentine’s Day presents.

1. Skin care products – While anti-aging creams or acne treatments may not be a wise choice for Valentine’s Day, a well-packaged skin care gift set will be appreciated. Beforehand, take time to find out what skin type she has, such as normal-to-oily or normal-to-dry, so you can purchase the right set. In addition, many skin care sets come in delightful packaging that is simple to wrap in pretty paper or add a bow on top.



2. Spa and Facial treatments – Let your Valentine enjoy a luxurious spa or facial treatment in Singapore and she will be forever grateful! You can set up the spa appointment ahead of time and surprise her with a gift certificate along with a candle gift set. Even better, coordinate a limo ride to the spa and a romantic dinner afterwards.



3. Fun makeup gifts – Colorful makeup gifts are perfect to help your Valentine make it through the rest of winter’s dreary days. Choose an assortment of colorful nail polishes or fanciful lip glosses and wrap them together in a pretty basket. Another festive makeup gift can be a collection of pretty eye color shades for her to pick out her favorites or try something new!

Sephora Gifts Under $30


4. Fragrances – Perfumes and fragrances can be a little tricky if you are unsure about your Valentine’s favor scents. Your best bet is to choose a small, light-scented product or a sampler perfume set. If you do know what fragrance she prefers, look for a complete gift set such as a lotion, soap and body mist bundle hosting her favorite scent.



5. Lotions and bath products – Scented hand creams, luxurious bath salts and pretty soaps also make wonderful Valentine’s Day gifts. Basically, any gift that helps moisturize dry and cracked winter skin will be cherished. Complete this gift with her favorite music and some candles and she’ll enjoy some lavish and well-deserved bath time.



6. Other beauty gifts – Depending on how well you know your Valentine, more intimate beauty gifts can be well-received. For instance, warm fleece pajamas are fun for your sister, but a silk robe is better for your girlfriend or wife. Whatever you decide, remember that Valentine’s day is to make your special someone feel loved.

Valentine’s Day is a fantastic time to make your friends and family feel extra special. When you give a thoughtful beauty gift, your Valentine will remember her special day for a long time to come!

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Botox Side Effects



We are a group of middle- aged friends trying to hold onto youth as long as possible. Most of our discussions are about the latest beauty creams, herbs and medications that are “guaranteed” to wipe away wrinkles. The topic of Botox is mentioned as “the answer” to stop ageing in its tracks. We decided to explore the benefits and side effects of Botox. The first and most obvious question is: What is Botox?
botox in side head
The medical term for Botox is botulinum toxin. It is derived from a microbe that causes botulism. Botulism is a type of poising. It is made from plasma (part of blood.) In some cases this plasma may contain viruses and other infectious agents.
botox-side-effects (1)
The first uses of Botox were to eliminate wrinkles or (crows feet) around the eyes and the lines in the forehead. The research progressed to include a wide variety of medical problems. Here are some of them:
-Muscles spasms in the neck, arms and hands.
-Underarm sweating
-Spasms of eyelids
-Overactive bladder
-Spinal cord injuries
-Multiple Sclerosis
-Chronic migraines
botox (2)
The First Doctor Visit

You should discuss your medications and pre-existing conditions. In some case you may not qualify for Botox. You may need to temporarily stop medications such as cold allergy medications, relaxers, sleeping pills inhalers, bladder and urinary medications.

You may not qualify for Botox if you have allergies, muscle swelling or weakness, heart disease, weak forehead, ALS Disease, bleeding or if you are scheduled for upcoming surgeries.

How are botulinum injections Administered?

A trained Doctor administers botulinum injections. The targeted area is first numbed using medication, cream or a cold spray. The Doctor then uses a thin needle to inject Botox into the muscles. Botox blocks nerve activity. The patient can expect a temporary reduction in muscle activity.
Side Effects of Botox

Botox is not without some serious side effects. They should be thoroughly explained by your Doctor. The patient my experience any of these post treatment symptoms:
-Problems with vision
-Trouble swallowing or breathing
-Crusting or drainage of the eyes
-Itching or skin rashes
-Loss of bladder control
-Irregular heartbeats-fast or slow
-Chest pains and muscle weakness
Other side effects include:
Headaches, nausea, diarrhea, neck or back pain, dizziness, ringing in the ears, eyelid swelling or bruising, watery eyes, and sensitivity to light.

Depth perception may be affected. The patient must avoid driving if possible. He/she should resume physical activity slowly
Finally, the greatest drawback to Botox is that the results are temporary. They last from three to twelve months. Administering larger doses of Botox does not change the outcome. In fact, repeated doses may create antibodies that work against Botox. The patient may need more treatments closer together with a lessening of effectiveness.



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Helpful Details on Chin Fillers

Changing the Appearance of Your Chin

Most people have some complaints about their physical appearances. Some people don’t like the shapes of their noses. Others don’t like their complexions. Some even are bothered by the way their chins look. If you’re someone who is unhappy with the appearance of your chin, however, there may be an effective solution out there waiting for you. Chin fillers in Singapore are becoming easier to find these days at reputable aesthetic clinics. If you visit an aesthetic clinic in Singapore, you may be able to learn more about chin fillers as a beauty treatment.


chin angle


The Benefits of Chin Fillers

Chin fillers can be beneficial for individuals who have what they believe to be short chins. They can also be beneficial for individuals who would like to enhance the contouring of their chins, however. The latter contouring can be helpful for people who want to attain faces that appear thinner and narrower. Chin fillers, in short, employ injections of hyaluronic acid to provide people with convenient chin reshaping benefits. Fillers on the chin can be useful not only for enhancing the appearance of profiles, but they can also be useful for enhancing the appearance of peoples’ faces from the front.



Chin Fillers and Safety

chinIf you’re for any reason concerned about the safety of chin fillers, you don’t have to be. The proteoglycan hyaluronic acid is a lot like the natural substance that’s seen in peoples’ joints, eyes and skin. Hyaluronic acid fillers can be reversed and are in no way harmful when used for chin contouring purposes. If you have any questions regarding chin fillers or hyaluronic acid, speak to a reputable medical professional before you decide whether or not the treatment is a good option for you. Medical approval is always a smart and safe path, no matter who you are.


Potential Side Effects

Not everyone who gets chin fillers necessarily experiences side effects from the procedures. They do appear in some people though. People who get chin fillers sometimes experience subtle bruises and aching sensations right below their chins. This discomfort typically only lasts for a couple of days or so. Swelling isn’t usually a significant problem for people who have had chin fillers, either. However, some swelling can indeed occur. If you’ve had chin fillers and want to learn more about any potential side effects, a respected and qualified medical professional can provide you with all of the information you could ever possibly need.


The Strong Importance of an Attractive Chin

nice chinWhen people analyse their faces, they often bypass their chins. Although chins may seem like a rather unassuming facial feature, their appearances can often have dramatic effects on how individuals look. Chin fillers can provide chins with increased definition that can make a big difference. Chin fillers are common in individuals of both genders. Many people even appreciate these fillers because they have nice youth benefits, as well. A lovely chin can contribute to a truly young and fresh appearance.

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Viable Options for People Battling with Cellulite

CelluliteCellulite is simply the presence of lumpy-looking excess fat beneath the skin. The fat looks lumpy because when it presses up against connective tissue, the skin above it begins to pucker. Cellulite isn’t a health hazard. However, many people dislike it because it looks unsightly. This disdain for cellulite has given rise to an entire subset in medicine that deals with ridding the body of unwanted cellulite. People that have unwanted cellulite have a wide range of options for getting rid of it. The cellulite removal treatment ranges from surgery to fat burner supplements.

The presence of cellulite, which is more common in women than men, does not mean the person is overweight. Its presence and level of visibility has a number of causes. They include slow metabolism, hormone changes, the thickness and color of the skin, not enough physical activity, fad dieting, eating a poor diet, heredity, and many other factors.


cellulite formation


Some people simply use tanning products to make the cellulite less noticeable while others use more drastic measure to conceal it or get rid of it. Cellulite tends to be most noticeable on the thighs and buttocks and there are quite a few products used to address it. Their results often vary.

cellulite treatmentSome of the methods used to rid the body of cellulite include cellulite creams, liposuction, Mesotherapy, laser treatments, massage, and spa treatments. Many of the cellulite creams work by narrowing blood vessels which forces water out from the skin. This can shrink and smooth the bulging cellulite. Liposuction removes fat deposits. Mesotherapy works by breaking down fat and improves the way the cellulite looks. Massage and many other types of spa therapy smooth out the dimples and lumpy cellulite. Laser treatments melts fat, breaks up fibrous bands, and stimulates the production of collagen.

There are several other cellulite treatments that are being researched. One cellulite treatment involves the use of red and infrared LEDs. The wavelengths of the light emitting diodes disrupt and shrink fat tissue. The LEDs are used in combination with suctions and rollers which soften the connective tissue’s fibrous bands and leave the skin looking smooth. This technique combines several current methods of dealing with cellulite and has the potential for great success as physicians develop the skills and experience necessary to improve its effectiveness.

In the meantime, fat burner supplements, lasers, surgery, massage and other spa treatments, Mesotherapy, cellulite creams, weight loss, and exercise are all being used with varying levels of success. Some physicians recommend using two or more of the therapies together. There is hope that in the near future more successful therapies will soon become available. While people with cellulite continue to wait, they would be well served to eat a diet rich in fiber, fruits, and vegetables and incorporate strength training and aerobic exercise into their fitness regimen.


cellulite workout

exercise to beat cellulite


There are also a number of clinics which offer innovative, cutting-edge therapies that have shown some promise in helping people prevent, control, and remove the unsightly cellulite in their bodies.

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You Never Knew Botox Could This! (All The More Reason to Get it Done)

Most of us have heard of Botox fillers, and they are commonly associated with the achievement of the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.


botox vs fillers


However, technology is advancing at an incredible rate, and there are now more ways than ever in which they can be of benefit. Whether you want to make significant changes to your appearance or just shed a few years off your face, there is likely a solution that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. When you look your best you are better able to achieve your goals, and that makes this an investment that can easily pay off.


Nose Fillers

noseEvery year, thousands invest in rhinoplasty. The procedure is invasive and can require downtime. However, changing the shape of the nose is a common goal, and many are willing to undergo the process to enjoy the results. Botox has allowed an easier way to achieve these results without the hassle. Nose fillers are capable of achieving the same goal, and patients have the advantage of minimal recovery time and discomfort. Best of all, the procedure only takes about five minutes to complete.


nose fillers


Relief From Excessive Sweating

Sweating is the body’s natural cooling mechanism. However, some are prone to perspire more than others. If you suffer from excessive sweating, Botox may hold the answer you’ve been looking for. By having injections directly placed into your sweat glands, you can effectively block the the nerves that stimulate sweat production.



Headache Relief

If you suffer from headaches or migraines, you may be surprised to find that Botox can even provide a solution for this common malady.


botox for migraines


It has recently been approved for the treatment of this type of problem. Currently, studies are still being performed as scientists are not yet certain what causes Botox to be so effective in minimizing pain and discomfort related to headaches. However, they believe it debilitates nerves from sending pain signals to the brain much like it stops nerves from stimulating sweat production.


Decreasing Depression

It’s estimated that nearly seven percent of Singapore’s population is impacted by various levels of depression. A German medical study has shown that Botox may help these people as well. By injecting the muscles involved in the expression of negative expressions, a large number of patients have reported a decrease in their depression symptoms. Further research in this area could have groundbreaking results for those suffering with this all-too-common problem.


Investment in a Higher Quality of Life

We have one life to live, and it’s important that you make the most of it. While money can be tight, investing in Botox fillers is an act that can bring you more joy. Not to mention, looking your best can give you an advantage in the work force as you’re more likely to voice your opinion in a confident manner, opening new and exciting opportunities for advancements. Whatever your goals for the achievement of a more aesthetically-pleasing appearance, there is likely a Botox solution waiting for you to experience.

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