The Essential Guide To Planning A Destination Wedding in Singapore

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If you’re planning a change of scenery for your wedding day, a destination wedding in Singapore will make your once-in-a-lifetime experience worthwhile. While the idea of exchanging your vows in an exotic location sounds interesting, the preparation is a different ball game altogether. Therefore, knowing these wedding planning tips beforehand will keep the preparation stress-free.1

  1. Choose your wedding venue Finding a wedding venue is a crucial element when planning a destination wedding in Singapore. In this exciting location, you can throw a seaside wedding at Sentosa Beach, a contemporary garden wedding at Gardens by the Bay, or a glamorous ceremony at Tamarind Hill.2
  2. Consider your guest’s travel plans Since most of your guests will be traveling to Singapore on your big day, remember to pick a venue that is accessible to your out-of-town family and friends. The traveling costs may be expensive for some guests, so mail your save-the-date cards early and secure hotel discounts for group bookings.3
  3. Prepare an organized checklist Preparing a unique destination wedding in Singapore requires a thorough checklist that covers wedding coordination, guests information, and local vendors. With so much on your plate, the checklist will come in handy to keep things organize.seating-cards-94000341
  4. Find out the package details Communicate with the hotel or wedding venue representatives about the specific details of your wedding package. While the general packages in Singapore include venue decorations and food, others may come without floral decorations and corkage fees. Get to the nitty-gritty or expect to be hit with unexpected charges.5
  5. Check the matrimonial law Couples who are planning a destination wedding in Singapore is encouraged to know the local matrimonial law. If both of you are not Singaporean citizens, you or your spouse must be physically present in the country for two weeks before date of the notice. Knowing the local wedding regulations such as this will save you from another stressful situation.6
  6. Look for a local coordinator Similar to the role of a wedding planner, having a local coordinator in Singapore will help you and your spouse to iron out the details of your big destination wedding. If you prefer a professional team, consult for wedding services in Singapore who will cover everything from wedding catering to decorations on your special day.

Depending on the way you see things, planning a destination wedding in Singapore will be a worry-free experience with the helpful tips we shared. When in Singapore, it’s best to find a venue that fits your personality, know the local matrimonial laws, consider your guests’ travel plans, and look for a reliable coordinator for assistance. Before you know it, tying the knot in Singapore will be the best decision you’ve made.